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From managing social media accounts to creating captivating choreography, Kassie's clients have consistently praised her expertise, creativity, and commitment to delivering exceptional results. Read the latest testimonials below and see why Kassie is a trusted and sought-after professional in both the social media and performing arts industries.

"What a breath of fresh air. I’m constantly thanking the universe for placing Kassie with me during my time at TBG. She is on her game for real and never drops the ball. She is thoughtful, timely, and always open to ideas. A strong team player and one that we couldn’t have done without. Thank you Kassie for all that you do." -Sarah Collins, Marketing Collaborator

“Kassie is one of the best dance teachers I have ever had. She not only cares about how much you grow but she cares about each of her students individually. Kassie is super fun and class is never boring. She is the sweetest ever but will push you to be the best because she loves you and knows the great things you're capable of. She wont let you give up. She makes you keep trying because she knows you can do it if you put your mind and energy into it. She not only becomes your super cool and amazing dance teacher she also becomes one of your best friends.”

-Francesca Lagos, Former Student 

“As the Dance Director at Young Actor's Theatre I can say from Kassie's time with us that her choreography ideas are fresh and on point. She utilizes her ability to make the most of everyone's strengths when creating a dance piece.”- Vicky Swezey, Dance Director at Young Actors Theatre

"I will say Kassie is one of the best, if not the best, social media managers I've worked with. Reach out and follow Kassie if you're interested in learning or looking for a social media manager." -Lisa Buyer, UF Professor and Agency Owner

"It's so refreshing and inspiring work with a choreographer who approaches the craft with characterization as the guiding principle.  When working with Kassie Meiler you experience just that.  Passionate about the craft of theatre and a collaborating team player, Kassie works hand in hand with the director and music directors to create movement that not only reflects her fast talent as a choreographer but movement that is innate to the characters."  -Robert Stuart, Artistic Director at Young Actors Theatre

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